Natural Hair Craze

DISCLAIMER: I do not hate relaxed hair, I admire ladies who wear their hair relaxed. I had a healthy relaxed hair, however, I lovvveeee the versatility of  natural hair.

I felt antsy any time the thought of natural hair beeped up on my mind. My cousin, Ama and I had made fun of all the people with natural hair anytime we saw them in the town. They had very ‘nappy’ looking hair which looked very unbeautiful to the eye. We would look at each other with a sigh like “what is that on her head”.

We both had beautiful relaxed hairs. She liked to keep hers short in the famous perm cuts and I wore mine out which was long, almost armpit length. We hated the idea of going natural because, all the hairs we saw in natural back home in Obuasi and Accra were nothing to write home about so we preferred our relaxers for a smoother hair. However, there was a battle we both faced. Ama all the time go half way the journey of relaxing her hair. The burns and cuts from relaxers could not make her sit for a full hair perm. I on the other hand hated dryers (with passion). I have very thick and full hair which made drying last longer periods, I could stand the burns from relaxers but the heat from dryers.

My lady boss from Denmark back at work, will always have a disapproved face anytime I arrived with a smooth and silky hair to the office. She would ask so many questions about how the relaxer felt on my scalp, and her responses were always: this is dangerous, please stop it!

I thought of regrowing my natural hair but the pain of cutting off all my pretty relaxed hair kept me off the idea,and again the memory of how painful combing my natural hair was back in the 90’s as a child did not make me want to go back. However, anytime I had to relax my hair, I would play with the little curls formed underneath and I would be so happy about my hair. After a while, I thought allowing it to grow when I saw my counterpart Ama’s short natural hair when she returned from the States. She looked so good in it, I liked it but I felt betrayed! We both laughed and teased the ladies we saw in natural hair and now you?.

Her hair drew my attention to the little curls I saw in my ‘ready to relax’ hair. I went back to my childhood photos to see how my hair looked when I was 7. I liked it, and decided to give it a try, so I watched youtube videos of natural hairs and how to transition. Countless videos gave me so much knowledge to fully start my journey.

My nuclear family and friends disagreed when I told them about my intentions to regrow my natural hair. Well, I don’t blame them if you ask me. It is because, just like my cousin Ama and I, they always saw what we laughed at. Very short and dry looking hairs, which sometimes looked “unclean” to the eye. People who kept theirs clean also made it look like natural hair had just one way to be styled: Buns!

I was so confident that, nothing they said to persuade me touched my heart, they called it the “natural hair crazy girl” and “follow the crowd”. I hate to follow what is in vogue, so I purposed in my heart, I had to be the natural  girl with the “different look”. I would make their disagreements into an agreement and possibly win them to my side ( and I’m super glad I have). I transitioned for 9 months and big chopped my hair in February 2017.

Natural hair is not a “CRAZE” or “FOLLOW THE CROWD SYNDROME”. For me it’s about knowing yourself and appreciating what’s on your head. I know longer need longer hair drying hours in a hooded dryer as I mostly allow my short hair to air dry. I love every bit of it !

How do you feel about natural hair? Do comment, Let’s chat!


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