Natural hair inspired weaves

Lately I have observed that so many of the weaves/wigs and clip-ins I see around are all natural hair styles inspired.  With keen interest I have noticed how the hair manufacturing industry has made use of the very styles people wearing their natural hair usually do turned into styles for  weaves and wigs under different names, rather than the original natural hair names. For me this is a blessing to those wearing natural hair…..kudos for setting the agenda to trendy hair styles ! and that is why I love love natural hair. It allows you to do almost everything with it and that is FUN!

In this picture you and I can clearly see the different natural hair styles here. There is the all famous wash and go-ish kind of hair, the “out styles” – braid out, twist out, and bantu knots. There is also the flat-iron or silk press hair style. The only one I cannot spot in this image is the ever sweet length-less style FINGER COILS. I call it the length-less style because no matter the stage (twa, awkward,medium-short or long hair) everyone can rock finger coils. Not to say that finger coils are the unfortunate ones in the hair manufacturing industry, there are some gorgeous finger coils wig and sew-in styles. Actually, that was the first wig style that attracted my attention to observing wigs,weaves and sew/clip-in styles. Thanks for setting the natural hair team for setting of hair styling!

So why not go ahead and try one of these curly hair styles depending on which hair look you would like. When next you think of a using wigs and weaves as protective styling, think about these natural hair inspired hair styles and make a choice.

image credit: Google images

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